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The versatile and adaptable system



Its versatile character allows it to adapt to any type of deposit. Enter Osiris in your fermentation process.




Wooden tanks



Maceration of white wines



Open tanks



Concrete tanks


Advantages of Osiris system


Learn the advantages of a versatile and efficient system that can be incorporated into the production process.



Top quality wines: System of value added to the fermentation process.



The Osiris system is the best ally of wine cellar equipment. Its versatile character allows it to adapt to any fermentation process, providing an effective value added in the extraction of grape components to present a top quality wines.



Multi tank system



Osiris is a system capable of responding to multiple vessels, allowing you to reduce the costs of investment in their cellar. Its components such as polyvalent launches, can be used in one or several tanks through a placement and easy operation.



Automate the process of fermentation



The teams that move carbon dioxide CO2 incorporate a PLC with touch screen so the winemaker can automate the entire process of fermentation: from scheduling and mixing time soaking up the possibility of a remote control of equipment.



Inexhaustible source of CO2: Break the hat homogeneous



Osiris offers you the ability to stir and mix the entire contents of the tank, and the possibility of soaking the hat quickly and homogeneous. Breaking hat and mix its contents with Osiris possible.



Automate the process of pumping over



With the installation of the equipment, the Osiris system lets you automate the process of pumping over and use it in different deposits cellar. For maceration of white wines and reds prefermentation, you can blend the entire contents with a minimum consumption of carbon dioxide.



Monitor the oxygen level



The Osiris system incorporates a manual valve that allows the winemaker management of air (O2) in the tank contents: a simultaneous aspiration of CO2 process.



Commercial contact



Contact the sales team Maheri to expand the business information and functionality of the Osiris system.